While people are dealing with the hot flashes during pregnancy, and with everything else that comes along with bringing a child into the world, they may ponder their parenting style. This is especially true of first time parents who are still developing their child rearing philosophy. One of the most effective ways to parent is widely thought to be the authoritative parenting style. To fully understand how the authoritative parenting style works, it is best to look at a few authoritative parenting style examples.

Authoritative parents are just as loving and caring as permissive parents. However, they do approach the rearing of their children in a very different way. Put simply, an authoritative parent will not allow a child to get away with behaving badly. A permissive parent will allow a child to get away with not getting all of their chores done. With a permissive parenting style, children may be able to get away with not finishing their homework.

When there is a project due at school, a permissive parent may end up doing the project themselves because they are so frustrated that their child isn’t paying attention or making the effort to complete the project themselves. An authoritative parent, by contrast, will make the child do their project. Even if the result of not doing the project would be a bad grade in school, this type of parent wants their child to understand that actions have consequences. A poor grade in school would be the type of consequence that an authoritative parent would use as a learning experience for the child.

If a child is found misbehaving with their friends, an authoritative parent will typically punish the child by grounding them or taking other actions. While a permissive parent might end up suspending the punishment or even skipping the punishment entirely, the authoritative parent will issue the punishment and will then follow through on it. Again, this is designed to indicate clearly to the child that actions do have consequences.

In the long term, many experts feel that authoritative parenting is the most effective way to deal with children. However, each parent has to find their own style of parenting, one that will meet the unique needs of their child.

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